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The best 7 Frozen Breakfast sandwiches

Everybody enjoys having a hot, satisfying homemade breakfast. However, let's face it: many of us lead hectic lifestyles and might not always have time to make homemade breakfast meals. That doesn't mean, though, that you have to forego the meal completely and make do with a cup of coffee. Consider trying a frozen breakfast sandwich from the grocery store if you're very short on time.

Do these items rank among the healthiest and most nourishing things you could possibly eat for breakfast? Not at all. They are usually devoid of nutrients and processed. Having said that, they will satisfy your hunger and get you out the door without making you wait until lunch, so that is something. Furthermore, some of them aren't all that horrible in terms of flavor. Unfortunately, not all frozen breakfast sandwiches are made equal, so we've done the legwork and taste-tested a range of products to help you decide which to try.

To give you a better idea of what's available on the market, we tried a number of different brands and variations of breakfast sandwiches to produce a ranking that we hope will guide you while browsing the frozen- food aisle. Without further ado, here is a ranking of seven frozen breakfast sandwiches from the supermarket.

Breaded chicken is our favorite combination with biscuits, so we were really eager to try Swaggerty's chicken and buttermilk biscuits. Regretfully, we felt really let down. Granted, we weren't exactly expecting these chicken biscuits to be in the running for America's best breakfast sandwiches, or even to taste freshly prepared, but they did taste particularly manufactured. At one point, the sandwich felt like we were eating sandpaper because the chicken patties and biscuits were both quite dry and there was nothing else to give it any flavor. Not all was lost, though, because the chicken patties' flavor was well-balanced and prevented these chicken biscuits from being completely unpalatable. However, in general, we don't believe these are worth the cost.


6. Signature Select Egg, Cheese & Bacon Biscuit Sandwiches

We had high expectations for the Signature Select egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich when we finally made the decision to eat it. With this variety of biscuits, such was not the case. The biscuit itself held extra moisture effectively, despite being very dry in the first place. The melted cheese, which adds a delightful layer to an otherwise dry and tasteless sandwich, is the sandwich's saving grace. Regarding the remaining portion of the biscuit,? It was not our best choice. It tasted almost entirely of bacon because the bacon layer was so thin. If the egg hadn't been so flavorless, that might not have been a problem.

If the sandwich doesn't have at least one flavor-boosting component, it turns into a dry mush. It's okay if you truly need to get food in your stomach quickly and are in a rush. However, you should choose a different kind if you're searching for a breakfast sandwich that you'll truly appreciate.

There are moments when all you want is a little nibble before you start your day. You might want to try the Sandwich Bros. egg white and turkey sausage breakfast sandwich with cheese on those mornings when you're not feeling too hungry. The use of pita bread in these sandwiches is a welcome change from the usual alternatives of croissants, English muffins, and biscuits. We adore how light this sandwich is, with just enough cheese, turkey sausage, and egg whites to provide you all the nourishment you need to start the day off right without feeling overly full.

Having said that, the flavor isn't that good. While the moisture from the cheese and sausage is great, you won't taste much more than the sausage's spice. Although it's not really good, we wouldn't really crave this sandwich. The best advice we can provide you is to use some hot sauce to flavor this sandwich. It has the power to intensify the flavor of the other components and give the otherwise boring flavor profile some spiciness.

Are you trying to get more protein into your diet? Looking for low carb food options for breakfast? Well, Trader Joe's has you covered with its Eggwich. As the name suggests, this breakfast sandwich is all about the eggs. Instead of buns or bread of any sort, the sausage and cheese in this sandwich is placed between two "buns" made of eggs. Therefore, you get more protein than you'd find in some other breakfast sandwiches, and enjoy a lighter way to start your day.

This breakfast sandwich doesn't have the issue of being very dry, in contrast to a lot of the other selections on this list. You won't get the desiccated bun that can make things less than pleasant because it doesn't contain any bread. The one drawback is that this isn't the most portable sandwich because the egg "buns" are somewhat moist. In our opinion, this sandwich would benefit from a little sauce, such as sriracha, to add some interest. If you're looking for a gluten-free or reduced-carb breakfast option, give it a try.

We only ordered one breakfast sandwich, which we're glad we did since it had a texture we really liked. It came on an English muffin rather than some other kind of bread (or egg). We found that this English muffin retained its moisture content and gave the other elements in the sandwich a light, yeasty base, unlike some biscuits that can be rather dry.

Egg whites, which have less flavor than whole eggs but are a lighter breakfast choice, were a feature in this Jimmy Dean sandwich. The egg whites were rather texture-oriented, despite their lackluster flavor. In fact, the turkey sausage in this sandwich was rather well-seasoned, and it gave the sandwich even more wetness. A layer of richness from the cheese ties everything together.

Would we pass up a fresh breakfast in favor of this sandwich? No. But, it's a good, marginally healthier choice for breakfast sandwiches on mornings when you're pressed for time. 

We really believe that sometimes it's best to stick with the tried-and-true, and that's how we feel about Hot Pockets in general. We truly don't mind the breakfast variants of Hot Pockets, despite the fact that the lunch and supper varieties may receive more attention (not to mention the spicy Hot Pockets cooperation with "Hot Ones").

In our opinion, the finest option is the version that has cheese, bacon, and egg on a croissant crust. It's a delicious and convenient breakfast that you can eat anywhere. You won't have to worry about this breakfast sandwich being dry because the croissant crust effectively retains moisture and the large amount of cheese provides a satisfying texture.

It also has a nice flavor. Although the bacon in this breakfast pocket isn't as good as fresh, and the eggs taste a little artificial, all in all, it's actually rather good. But one thing to consider is the temperature. As the name implies, Hot Pockets may get very hot, so as you're driving down the highway on your way to work, make sure to let yours cool down before taking a big mouthful.

Jimmy Dean Maple Griddle Cakes with sausage, egg, and cheese are the perfect choice if you're looking for a breakfast sandwich that you'll actually look forward to eating in the morning. We tried a lot of frozen store-bought breakfast sandwiches, but this is the only one we would really like to purchase again. This variation is a great way to dress up your breakfast sandwich because pancakes are used in place of the standard biscuit or English muffin. This gives it a deliciously sweet touch that complements the sandwich's other savory components.

Here, too, the maple sausage is a good pick, drawing in the same sweetness that the pancakes do. The egg and cheese finish truly pull everything together by adding moisture, creaminess, and a hint of taste. Although it's not something you should eat every day of the week, it might be a wonderful alternative for hectic days when you still want to indulge yourself. It's a particularly wise decision if you wish to avoid using the drive-through on your way to work in the future.

In order to find a wide range of frozen breakfast sandwich options for this article, we browsed the assortment at multiple grocery stores, including Kroger and Aldiss. To sample as many different styles as possible, we selected a variety of different proteins and buns. In addition, we wanted to include a mix of products that lean more toward the healthful end of the range and some that would be regarded as indulgent. To determine our final rankings, we prepared each sandwich according to the directions on the package and consumed them immediately while they were still hot.


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