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The Chalet---Gourmet Dinning in Somerset, KY

Over the years, there have been numerous attempts to establish good dining options in Somerset/Pulaski County. Finally, after many failures, I believe Somerset has finally arrived with The Chalet. This new food option in Somerset is located off Thurman Road in what was once Holly Hills. The architecture of this place is simply unique. The exposed beams and woodworking inside would make the master carpenter proud. The ambiance combines modern decor with a rustic flair that creates a perfect setting for a special dinner or the start of a romantic evening. The menu for lunch is limited, but there is a more expansive dinner menu.

The food presentation, taste, portions.. the atmosphere was phenomenal! I have had my share of fine dining experiences from all over the country, and I must say this place meets the expectations of some looking for dining options in New York City or the DC Metro area. Nothing was rushed; everything ran smoothly, and nothing took forever. They have set the bar of service very high for our site.

We started with appetizers of Oysters Rockefeller, which were served baked on the half shell, with butter, garlic, spinach, and bread crumbs. I had the tea, which appeared to be freshly brewed and not pre-mixed. Next, my wife had a glass of Pinot Gris. Despite being a departure from the traditional recipe for Oyster Rockefeller, it was a unique and fantastic delight. However, I prefer to top mine with hot sauce, which was not offered, or some horseradish sauce to enhance the taste, but they were served with fresh-cut lemon, which helped to improve the taste. Finally, my wife had the Foie Gras—which was seared and served with wild berry compote, crostini, and micro greens. The Chalet salad is a traditional spring mix, parmesan cheese with egg and tomato topped with focaccia croutons (flat-leavened oven-baked Italian bread).

I enjoyed the Fish and Chips for my entrée while they offered a Beef Wellington, one of my favorites, that I may try in the future. The fish was Rock Fish, a white fish with a delicate but sweet flavor, firm texture, and fine flake. It was served with tarter sauce and french fries. The more acidic sauce tasted fresh, although it is unclear if it is made in-house.

We concluded with some of the dessert options. I selected the Creme Brûlée. The custard was terrific, and the crust had just the right consistency. The Desert Flight offers a wide selection to accommodate the most discriminating palate.

Finally, we enjoyed house coffee, an authentic piece de resistance to the evening meal.

The staff is fantastic both in their attentiveness and detail. Chef Eduardo Nazario and Chef Michael Wells have done an excellent job in assembling a diverse menu. Our server was Ruthie, and she was a delight and very welcoming. This restaurant is certainly not the cheapest place, but you get what you pay for; that being said, if you are looking for a unique, high, upscale dining experience amid Somerset’s overwhelming sea of Mexican and Chicken Joints, this place defiantly stands out.

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