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Somerset In The News: August 15, 1924

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The Somerset Journal

A Democratic Paper Published Every Friday

August 15, 1924

Cecil T. Williams, Editor

T.Y. Pumphrey – Supt. Job Dept

Front Page Headlines

Pool Rooms Will Operate but Street Fairs Are Prohibited at Council Meeting

The Board of Council of the City held regular session Monday evening, August 11, 1924, with all members present and Mayor Norfleet presiding, paying usual number of bills, including $360.26 for stone surfacing streets, also ordering warrants and liens issued in an approximate total of $500.00 for concrete walk, gutter and driveway against property owners of North Central Avenue in favor of Contractor J.N. Trimble. Permissions were granted to R.T. Hodges to erect a five-room frame stucco dwelling on Griffin Ave; to A.T. Davis to erect garage on Candler Street (possible Chandler); to G.w. Dobbs to erect a five-room frame dwelling on Cotter Avenue, and to Standard Oil Company to remove trees and to rebuild sidewalk at their filling station on North Main Street. Resignation of Patrolman Robert Warren was presented and accepted, and Mr. H.R. Norfleet was elected to fill the unexpired term with applicants being H.C. Black and G.W. Calhoun. The petition of real estate dealers, requesting a reduction in Special License tax, was refused. An ordinance providing for surfacing of Main Street, from intersection with Oak Street to intersection with Griffin Avenue and Jacksboro Street with tarvia an dgravel, was passed and approved. The ordinance providing for installation of sewerage system on East Mt. Vernon Street at expense of abutting property owners was passed and approved and advertising for this project will be immediately published. The ordinance prohibiting maintenance and operation of pool rooms was defeated and the ordinance prohibiting the exhibition of carnivals was passed and approved, same to become effective after thirty days. The request of Carl & Meece for permission to operate a billiard parlor in property owned by W.D. Gover on Mast side of Fountain Square, was protested against by property owners and request was refused. Next session will be August 24, 1924.

Big Feature Picture, “The Flash of the Flintlock” By Kentucky Author, To Be Filmed Here

Definite steps were taken at the meeting of the Rotary Club last Tuesday noon to secure for Somerset the distinction and practical benefits of having filmed in this vicinity some of the big scenes of the Motion Picture production of “The Flash of the Flintlock,” by James Tandy Ellis, which is to be produced in Kentucky during the next few months. The regular program of the club was suspended, and the entire time devoted to a consideration of the matter. Lester Part, head of the Reel Town Company, and President of the Kentucky Reel Show Corporation, with Charles A. Abbott, one of his associates, were present by special invitation, and in a short talk, Mr. Part outlined in detail the ideals and purposes of The Reel Show Movement and the part of the people of Somerset are invited to take in its development.

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Somerset City Council News

The [Somerset] City Council while voting out the street fairs should not have over-looked the tent show that makes the rounds once or twice a year.


If the pool and billiard rooms in Somerset are not being conducted properly and are violating the law, officers should have the owners in court.


The City Council voted Monday night to put sewerage pipes on Mt. Vernon Street before going ahead with the street construction. This was a wise move and should be followed on all the streets of the city. We hope this is just the beginning of a program that will eventually take in every street in Somerset. To go longer with out these improvements is a mistake. (…)


John W. Davis’ speech of acceptance delivered at his home, Clarksburg, W. Va., has been received with much enthusiasm over the country. (…) It is full of progressive thought and confirms strongly the conviction so general among those who know the man, that the speaker is the ideal leader and successor of Woodrow Wilson. (…) He spoke fearlessly, honestly and vigorously with sureness and positiveness, that he will make a great President, there is no doubt, this being admitted by the Republicans who can say naught against him. (…)


At the City Council Monday night, W.A. Moore presented a petition in which reference was made to many increases and assessments of Somerset taxpayers by the Board of Supervisors. The matter was discussed at length by members of the Council and various citizens. The discussion dealt mainly with the inequality in the assessment. There is no doubt but what this is true. The assessment in Somerset is not too much, in fact it is too low. But the trouble is the small property owner is assessed 100% on all his property and the big property owner is assessed about one-half that amount and some of his property is not assessed at all. The assessment in Somerset should be at least five million dollars and then the tax rate should be reduced. The whole trouble is some people are paying too much and some not enough. The Board of Supervisors are trying to equalize all property this year. We all kick on paying taxes and think we are paying too much but the real truth is very few are paying more than they should. The whole system of assessment is wrong. Assessments should be made about every ten years and then every piece of property inspected by experts in that line. The Supervisors are cussed and discussed but not many of our business men would accept appointment on that Board?


An Ordinance

Prohibiting the Maintenance Operation or Exhibition of Carnivals or Street Fairs in the City of Somerset Kentucky

WHEREAS, the maintenance, operation or exhibition of Carnivals or Street Fairs have become and are a menace to the public morals of the community, and that the prohibition thereof has become and is now declared to be a necessity, now therefore:

BE IT ORDAINED by the Hon. Mayor and Board of Council of the City of Somerset, Kentucky:

1. That it shall be unlawful for any person, persons, corporation or association to maintain, operate or exhibit any Carnivals or Street Fairs in the City of Somerset, Kentucky or to cause to have maintained, operated or exhibited any Carnival or Street Fair therein.

2. That it shall be unlawful for any person, persons, corporation or association to suffer or permit the maintenance, operation or exhibition of any Carnival or Street Fair within the City of Somerset, Kentucky, on or in property owned or controlled by them.

3. That any person, persons, corporation or association who shall engage in the maintenance, operation or exhibition of a Carnival or Street Fair, within the City, or who shall suffer or permit the maintenance, operation or exhibition upon property owned or controlled by them shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than $10.00 nor more than $100.00 or confined in the county jail for not less than nor more than thirty days, or both so fined and imprisoned in the Court’s discretion, and each day’s continuance of the maintenance, operation or exhibition of Carnivals or Street Fairs as aforesaid shall constitute a separate offense for which the offenders may be fined and imprisoned as aforesaid.

4. All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are now hereby repealed.

This ordinance to be and become effective 30 days after its passage, approval and publication.

Approved this 11th day of August 1924.

Attest: - C.B. Cundiff, Clerk. W.C. Norfleet, Mayor

(Somerset Journal, August 15, 1924)


Man and Wife Arrested by Deputy Calhoun

James Adkins and wife, who reside near Eubank, were arrested Monday by Deputy Sheriff George Calhoun on a charge of moonshining. The officer found a cooper still, a gallon of whiskey and about one hundred gallons of mash. On the way to Somerset with the prisoners a stop was made at a nearby house to see about a bondsman and Mrs. Adkins escaped. She was later captured by Deputy Sheriff West Ramsey.


Held Over to Grand Jury

Sherman Icard, who resides near Eubank, was tried in Judge Tartar’s court Tuesday charged with maliciously shooting and wounding Allen Eubank, Della Gooch, and James Hackney. He was held over by Judge Tarter to the Grand Jury. Icard is about 14 years of age.


Hospital Notes

Somerset General Hospital.

¨ Kenneth Vaught of Dabney was brought to hospital August 4th by Dr. Price and operon for appendicitis.

¨ Dr. Scholl, of Jamestown, brought Velma Gosser from Brady to the hospital August 5th, where she was operated on for appendicitis.

¨ Mr. Charley Lewis, who has been very sick at the hospital, left the 10th for Martinsville, Ind., where he will undergo treatment.

¨ Mr. Albert Shelly, of Honeybee, came to the hospital with a broken arm August 10th.

¨ Dr. Piles brought Vernon Rose from Cumberland Falls to the hospital August 7th where he was operated on for appendicitis.

¨ Rice West was brought to the hospital by Dr. Murphy from Cumberland Falls. He was kicked by a mule while employed by Combest and Lorton who are grading roads in McCreary County. He returned home August 11th.

¨ Mrs. Henry Ford, who has been ill is slowly improving.

¨ Clint Phillips was brought to the hospital August 10th and treated for wounds caused by stabbing. He returned home August 11th.

¨ Mrs. Rucker remains about the same.

¨ Mrs. Fred Nichols entered the hospital August 11th.

¨ Parker Bales, of Dahl, was kicked by a mule and brought to the hospital by Dr. Garner. He has a fractured skull.

¨ James Wade, while working with a section crew, injured his foot. He was brought to the hospital by Dr. Gibson and taken care of Aughts 8th.

¨ Ruth Hamilton has been having a badly mashed finger dressed.

¨ Perk Stringer fell from a horse and hurt his leg quite badly. Dr Jasper accompanied him to the hospital for treatment.

¨ Frances Lester was brought to the hospital August 3rd by Dr. Norfleet for removal of tonsils. She has returned home.

¨ Mrs. Mattie McCabe was brought to the hospital by Dr. Sievers August 5th and remained a few days for treatment.

¨ Landa Herrin was brought by Dr. Price and operated on for appendicitis.

¨ Mrs. G.A. Wesley was brought to the hospital August 7th by Dr. Gibson where she is undergoing treatment.

¨ Mrs. Rus Trivett, who was accompanied by Dr. Warren Sunday afternoon to the hospital had received injuries on the hand and leg in automobile accident.


Two Injured By Kicking Mule

Parker Bales was brought to the Somerset General Hospital Sunday afternoon suffering from a crushed skull caused by a mule kicking him. He is in a serious condition. Rice West, who was working on the road near Cumberland Falls, was also brought to the hospital suffering from a similar accident.


Will Report 17th

Lieutenant Brinkley Gooch will report at Camp Knox on August 17th for fifteen days training. Lieutenant Gooch will fly to camp in his big German plane.


School Begins September 2nd 1924

The Somerset City Schools will begin on Tuesday, September 2nd. Science Hill will announce within the next few days to the teachers for the coming year. There are quite a number of changes.


The State Fair

The Kentucky State Fair this year promises to be the biggest and the best in the history of the state. Admission tickets for six days will be $2.00. These tickets are interchangeable. They can be sued by six different people on day, or one person six days. They are good day or night for admission to outer gate, pavilion, races, or fireworks. Tickets are on sale at the local banks. Get ready now to attend. The date is September 8th to 13th, inclusive.


Canning Company Starts

The Burnside Canning Company started business this week with about thirty employees and S.T. Webb, of Waynesburg, in charge. This is the first year for this concern, but the success of the enterprise is assured. The company will can tomatoes and sweet potatoes


1710 Passenger Cars

County Court Clerk G.M. Langdon has licensed 1710 passenger automobiles for the year 1924.


To Remodel Newtonian

Mr. Sylvester Newton, proprietor of the Newtonian Hotel, states that he is going to remodel the Newtonian into one of the most modern hotels in the state. The interior will be done over and the lobby made into one of the most attractive of any hotel in this section. The rooms are all to be painted and papered, some new furnishing added and other improvements, Mr. Newton says he realizes that Somerset is going to be one of the best hotel towns in the state and that he is going to make his place comfortable and attractive for the tourists who come this way.


New Coal Company

The Acorn Coal Company is a new organization in Pulaski County. The mine is owned by J.R. Cook and N.L. Barnett and is located on their 300-acre tract at the head of Line Creek, about a half mile southeast of Acorn. The coal is said to be of a very fine quality. The mine has been leased to Alex Hyden, who is mining it.


To The People

For some time, I have passed unnoticed various criticism with regard to my attituded on the construction of the road leading to the McCreary County line. I felt that my record on the question of good roads in Pulaski County was a sufficient answer and defend. It will be admitted that we have either built or reconstructed practically all of the improved roads in the county and for years, I have earnestly striven to make better highways in all parts of the county.

It is inconceivable that anyone knowing the facts would charge me with opposing the construction of a road anywhere and especially by the State and Federal Governments. The State is indebted to Pulaski County in a sum approximating $1000,000.00 growing out of the State Aid Contract of 1916, and by binding orders the county had already pledged a large portion of this amount to secure obligations created by the county for road improvement. Would it be common honesty on the part of the county to repudiate this agreement? Other counties were not required to surrender their State Aid debts and the State Highway Commission went ahead and built their roads. In addition, Pulaski County had already constructed more than half of the inter-county road at her own expense and for twelve years had poured into the licenses ad valorem tax and gasoline tax. Then why the necessity of making further contributions?

I have do-operated in every way to have the road to the McCreary County line built without repudiating existing contracts. Through my efforts the survey was made, and to secure this at my own expense I have made over then trips to Frankfort. The necessary right-of-ways can only be secured through the efforts of the county court, and we are doing everything possible and will continue to do the same to facilitate the matter. I notified all prospective bidders that they would have our assistance and sympathy and to the successful one we have given a pledge of aid and co-operation in every detail.

Somerset, Ky, August 13, 1924

R.C. Tartar, County Judge.


To view the entire August 15, 1924, edition of The Somerset Journal, log into the Pulaski County Library site and access the archives.

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